Monday, 28 September 2015


monday, monday, mondaaaaaay.
hello, I slept till noon and I haven't done anything all day. instead of having breakfast, I had a ice cream thing I found in the freezer. I was supposed to wash my hair but I still haven't even taken it out of the ponytail it's been in for two days. I'm currently curled up on the couch with little dog watching american beauty and I don't really plan on moving until at least 9pm, there's a whole section on the now box with 90's movies that I plan on getting right in about.

I wore this outfit last week when I went for lunch with my friend. the shirt is maybe a little short for someone my height to wear as a dress but ya know I do whatever the fuck I want. I bought it when we were in amsterdam nearer the start of the year and wore it buttoned up with jeans while we were there. it's super cute, I'll probably wear it open over a long sleeve turtle neck and some jeans when the weather gets colder, lazy outfit options. 

my hair's a bit all over the place here, I hadn't brushed it in weeks probably. I should really try and take more care of it. but it always just looks flat and boring when I do. booooo.

sleeveless shirt - vintage
long sleeve top - primark
shoes - unif

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


I've been dreaming of this outfit FOREVER I love it I love it I love it. I feel like an earth witch, ready to go harness the powers of the four elements to help cast spells to make your hair fall out if you're mean about me. ooooh spooky.

I got really ratty this morning trying to find my black h&m dress, that I've worn countless times on the blog. it's so frustrating when you can't find something and you know you're the one who's misplaced it as no one else possibly could have taken it as it won't fit anyone else in your house. but anyway I won this pull&bear dress on ebay for like £1.70 and I didn't think I'd actually ever wear it but ya'know I had 15 seconds to find something and so on it went.
urgh this maxi cardi is my dreams. my boyfriend bought me it as part of my christmas last year and urgh he's so good at presents as well as being an absolute babe. luckiest. it's from my favorite online vintage store,, which is the coolest store ever run by the coolest girl gang I've ever seen. I wanna move to L.A. and be friends with them all so bad, but ya'know I'm defo not cool enough. sad face emoji.

I went for lunch with my mum and gran today and now my dad is coming home and he wants to take us out for chinese food AND I AINT EVEN MAD I'm totally going. I've given up with everything and I'm ready just to become a fat mess.

cardi - vintage tunnel vision
dress - pull&bear
shoes - t.u.k.

Thursday, 17 September 2015


right so before I go on lemme just address before you all start going, "what the fuck is she doing wearing sunglasses with a fur coat??!!!!!!!!" well one, it was cold today but still sunny. two, I didn't have any eye makeup on. and three, I  have the biggest zit/red mountain/fuck knows what coming up under my eye which I as in 110% of no mood to be dealing with today or EVER. my skin has been an absolute riot recently, I want to claw it all off.

this is the third time I've worn this outfit this week. I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING I HAVE OUTFIT REPEATED!!!!!!!! but I wore it to the football on sunday and then I wore it to travel home in on monday and then again today, to go a trek with the dog and photo it for this. the main reason probably being because my boyfriend said I could keep it when I put it on on sunday and I miss him. boo. cry face.

how cute is my hair like this, totally going to wear it like this more often. reminds me of being a kid so much.

I started watching the vampire diaries again. oh laaaawd. I can't believe I'm going to put myself through this again. I don't even want to think about all watching all my friends die again let alone them all falling in love and straight back outta it again. I've been tears at least 5 times, ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration, I've been in tears about 5 PER EPISODE and I'm not even 10 episodes in and no one has even died yet.
SCOTT MCCALL'S MUM WAS IN AN EPISODE THOUGH OMG OMG OMG I NEED A REAL CROSS OVER THOUGH can you actually just for a minute imagine stiles and niklaus in an episode together. I die.

shirt - vintage boyfriends
jean - matalan
boots - dr martens
coat - tunnel vision

Sunday, 13 September 2015


the elephant being this ahmazing outfit I gone and put together. this is actually probably my favourite thing I've EVER worn, I felt so attractive yesterday, in fact I don't think I've felt as good about myself in such a long time. I took these photos on friday because we wouldn't have had time to do it yesterday but my makeup was also amazing (by my standards anyway) and urgh I wish I looked and felt like that every day. yaaaay for a day of body positivity!!

I talked about this skirt weeks ago in a blogpost, I got it in a vintage shop in edinburgh for £10 and it's one of the prettiest things I own. the waistband is broken though but I'm sure if I asked really nicely my mums friend would fix it for me *angel face emoji* but at any rate it didn't bug me wearing it yesterday so I'll probably just leave it. 

so yesterday was my boyfriends birthday and I took him to York for the day and it was lovely, apart from the rain. we had food, drinks, walked around a lot and spent about two hours in the disney shop. there was a peaceful march for #refugeeswelcome which we followed around for a while, yaay york, we dig you! later on in the night we saw straight outta compton and URGH I loved it, I cried so hard. I might not look it but I actually grew up on N.W.A and what a brilliant movie to honour their legacy. my boys. 

I'm currently posting this while riding on a football bus, because I am going to a football match. I'm not sure how I feel about this but it's his birthday weekend and that's what he's chosen to drag me to. I haven't been to a football match in like 12 years, I went to a livingston vs celtic game with my uncle and the most exciting thing about it was getting my face painted but I'm not really sure my boyfriend will let me do that this time. HOWEVER FABIO BORINI IS STARTING BACK TODAY so at least I'll have something nice to look at. I even have permission to kiss him if he asks me. 

hat - h&m
bodysuit - boohoo
skirt - vintage
boots - y.r.u

Thursday, 10 September 2015


yaay, I'm on holiday from work again for the weekend I came down to my boyfriends last night to surprise him early for his birthday because he's going to be old at the weekend, I'll officially be dating an old aged pensioner come next week but before he becomes decrepit and tired all the time, we have loads of fun stuff planned. he's my fav person to do fun stuff with.

although, I hate hate hate packing and travelling because I unpacked at his earlier today and realized I'd only actually brought one good outfit and it's not as if I can just nip down the road and pick up my good pants and I had to bring my leather jacket and my fur coat because this is the uk man, imagine I only brought my fur and woke up on saturday and it 80degrees outside and imagine I only brought my leather and woke up on sunday and it was pissing it down. every day is like sunday.
and there's also the small matter of only being able to pack ONE extra pair of shoes, urgh. don't even talk to me about it.

I actually bought this white hing because I wanted to wear it as a dress but I'm so lanky man I may as well have just worn it as a crop top. someone please swap me heights, I wanna be five foot one and wear heels all the damn time, life is so unfair.

I took these indoors because his neighbors are nosey bastards, the whole family proper making their way into their garden to find out what I was up to. GET YO ASSES BACK INDOORS FOOLS.

leather - vintage
top - unif
jeans - matalan
boots - dr martens

Sunday, 6 September 2015


oh ya right in the hangover. I am a rough little puppy today. today was a total "I can't even be fucked" day, lazy dressing, lazy make-up and I didn't even bother washing the glitter out of my hair from last night. I GOT TO DRESS AS A FAIRY yaaaaay, it was so much fun. I even had to jump the fence to get in so I actual flew. and I've just noticed that this lip combo just doesn't do me any justice whatsoever. I can't wait to bring back my permanent red lip in the colder months.

I picked up this vintage ralph lauren velvet leopard print shirt in a charity shop the other for £5.99 and the sun was out but it was still chilly and I couldn't be bothered thinking so I just threw it over the top of a boring black outfit to go for hungover coffee with ma gal. I'm trying really hard not to burst into tears, my mum had the black parade on and it just about tipped me over the edge. I need saved, someone hold me. I'm all over the place here so PICTURE TIME.

top - topshop
skirt - h&m
shirt - vintage charity shop
boots - dr martens