Saturday, 12 March 2016


it was such a beautiful day on monday just gone there but I woke up feeling totally drained. I toyed with the idea of shutting the curtains and hiding in my bed for the remainder of the day. but I guess I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some VIT D into my haggard feeling body.

it was an absolute drag putting my make-up on and then I had to comb my hair. I honestly despise this little task, I'll leave it weeks between brushes if I can. I've never enjoyed it, maybe because my mother was ruthless with a hair brush when I was wee, she'd snap and pull and smack me with it if I didn't sit still, I've always had long hair so I always felt it took forever to get it brushed properly. but anyway, I finally managed to get myself sorted and dressed and get slugdog ready too. we ended up on this little stone beach which is legit only a ten minute walk from my house. I used to spend most of my summers here with my best friend from high school. we'd ride down on our bikes and fight our way through overgrown trees and jaggy nettles to sit and skip stones or talk about anything and everything, whether it was scorching hot or pissing rain. it made me feel very nostalgic and sad being back.

I wore this outfit for date night when we stayed in berwick-upon-tweed the other weekend and I'm in love. I seen this dress on one of my (new) fav bloggers, I fell in love and I spent a shit load of time, more than I'm prepared to admit, searching the missguided website for it. obviously it was sold out and so I had to source it from elsewhere. I guess that's the beauty of the internet nowadays, you can actual just about find anything you want, someone somewhere is selling the things you can't live without. talking about 'hard to get items you can't live without' I also managed to get my hands on a barely used pair of white topshop aba boots. I posted a picture of them on my insta the other night and I don't think it ever quite dawned on before exactly how badly I actually needed a white pair of boots in my life. I'm in love. so hard. I've been wearing them about the house with my pyjama bottoms.
I'm a little bit concerned actually, and quite frankly amazed at how much my taste in shoes has changed in such a short period of time. I couldn't care less about my docs anymore and I'm actually considering selling my entire collection. 
(disclaimer: I think we all know that wont actually happen but maybe I can hide them all away under my bed or something.)

(hello butt butt)

dress - missguided
boots - primark

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