Tuesday, 30 June 2015


so I bought this wee thing and it hung on my clothes rail for months before I actually wore it. it's just a little black dress but the possibilities are endless. I've already worn it three times, I think, on the blog and this things only been set up a few weeks. I've worn it a hundred other times as well. I never used to believe in the power of the mighty LBD but I'm hooked on this thing. I threw an absolute tantrum this morning trying to find it, that must mean it's love. 
I must have more. the best thing about this though, was that it was only £8.99 or something ridiculous. I pay like £180 for shoes I only wear bloody once man, c'mon.

there's a tiny little shopping centre 5 minutes along the road from where I live, called The Mall. it's not pronounced the american way, it's more like MA EL. apparently it was like the first covered shopping centre in scotland or something. but anyway, it's been there for, like, ever and it's had all sorts of things in it since, but a few years ago, they opened a little charity shop and this is where I bought this weird bell sleeve mesh thing for £2.50. I've bought all sorts of things in there, from like 3 pairs of mom jeans for £2.50 - £3.50 to crochet maxi dress for a fiver. it's a little jumble sale of amazing cheap preloved crap, and I'm totally into that kinda shit.

this little outfit reminds me of 90's school disco's and glitter hair and not dancing with boys when they asked you because you thought it was some kind of cruel joke and getting picked up early by your mum because "it's still a school night."

do me a solid and keep scrolling all the way doooown. 

dress - h&m
shirt - charity shop
boots - t.u.k
bag - vintage

so I went into edinburgh today and if you follow me on instagram, you'll probably know about my undying love for the city. it's my favorite place on earth, a bit of a stretch I know, I haven't visited anywhere near all of earth but I just, urgh, I feel so at home here. it's 20 minutes on the train from where I live and I'm going to be coming here all the time during summer. so anyway, I thought I'd share a few little things on here with you guys. 

this is armstrong & sons vintage emporium down on the grassmarket, there's three in the city and I think this is the biggest one. I love visiting this store, it's stupidly amazing. the decoration gets me the most, they have the most amazing, fragile vintage items hanging from the ceiling. I once saw my wedding dress in there, hanging from that very ceiling but I didn't have any money and no one would loan me to buy it. major pouty lips. today I bought a cute a little brown skirt with a scalloped hem and popper buttons down the front and a fucked waist band on the inside but that's the kinda shit I love about vintage clothing.  

this is the heart of midlothian and it's the only place in edinburgh you can spit without being chased by the police. that's because it's situated at the front of what used to be The Old Tolbooth, which was, among other things, a prison and somewhere they routinely held public executions. it was once a sign of contempt for the prisoners who were held and/or killed there but now people do it for good luck. 

down the royal mile. obviously, it's a mile long with hollyrood palace at the bottom and edinburgh castle at the top and lots of amazing places in between.

like, st giles' cathedral or the high kirk of edinburgh as it's more commonly known. 
the mile is built on a hill and do'ya wanna know why this is, it's because the scottish are really fucking smart. so when the castle was attacked by the english, they'd have to climb this huge hill and it's not easy by the way so when they finally reached the top, they'd be absolutely knackered and ultimately probably be slaughtered. it obviously didn't work in the long run though, 'cause we still fucking lost didn't we. 

I actually know a lot about the city, from growing up in and around it and learning stuff in primary school. my boyfriend was actually amazed with all my knowledge when he first visited. it's weird how I can remember all this crap but I can't even remember to take my pants off before I get in the shower. I wish I'd taken more pictures of stuff to show you how big my head really is and how much crap I can fit in there with all the rap lyrics I know off by heart as well but it was waaay too hot today and I spent most of the day panting like a dog and wishing I'd just stayed in bed instead.

I got these cute rings for £9.95 each (real sterling silver!!!!!) from the little stall pictured above. also how pretentious is this photo, CAUTION WHITE GIRL BLOGGING IN STARBUCKS
but do you guy's like the new header? I drew it myself *insert proud face here* and yes it's suppose to be crappy and messy.

Sunday, 28 June 2015


soooo, I'm currently on holiday from work for a week and my original weekend plans fell through so my new plan is to fart arse about with this. I'm gonna (try) to post a new outfit every day until next wednesday just to try and get this thing off to a good strong start, that is if I can drag my fat ass outta bed each day, they'll be a day late though so this is actually yesterdays outfit.
I fell asleep out in the sun with my sister last night and my head was absolutely pounding once I got back inside, pretty sure I got burnt as well, as well as ruining my make-up from laughing so much beforehand. and I spent half an hour googling symptoms and I now believe I need a nose job to fix my sinus problems. so yeah, I'm a grumpy little girl to say the least. 
AND THEN this morning, when I was having my shower, I figured I'd shave my legs cause I'm going out tomorrow night and I probably have time to do anything other than a quick-in-n-out job and I got MAJOR razor burn or shave rash or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I was actually in tears in the shower, I've never felt anything like it  IN. MY. LIFE. EVER. 
my hair is dirty in these pictures because I hadn't washed it for a week, I'm a mink I know.

I can't wait to get back tonight after meeting my friend and binge watching it until the early hours. I have missed my big girl crush Poussey way too much. 

dress - charity shop (99pence!!)
bag - vintage kilo shop in amsterdam
boots - dr martens


two of my favorite things.
although in typical scottish weather, neither are usually a very good idea. cold winds and warm sun today, I either wanna wear absolutely no clothes or wrap up properly. why is that so hard for the weather decider dude to understand?
I have a love hate relationship with this dress, it's 90% the most perfect lace dress, the pattern, cut, fit, the length and sleeve length are all perfect. the only letdown is that it has a fabric panel around the waist area that held a drawstring inside it (before I tore it out) and holds the upper and lower parts of the dress together. I've tucked that unsightly part into the waistband of my huge big pants here though so you guys  don't have to witness that kind of horror.
also, big pants! yeaaah, these babies by the way! they pull me in at all the right places and they're the comfiest things I've ever wrapped around my butt. 

leather - vintage
dress - pins and needles
boots - dr martens

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


heeeeey u guys! check out these jeans, which are two sizes too big for me. waaaah! I got them in an 28" waist because I'd just bought "jeans" from topshop which were also a 28" and I couldn't breathe in them, turns out there's a lot more denim in real jeans and topshop are robbing bastards. 
so, I'm trying to sell these over on my depop so I can buy another pair if you're interested (@mexicandogs).

I've just watched the episode of Buffy were Riley leaves and I can't stop crying. he was so tall. 
and that is really all that's been happening in my life to be fair. I've just been hanging out with the scooby gang and working. so exciting huh.

leather jacket - vintage
bralet - topshop
belt - vintage
knit - unif
jeans - unif
boots - unif

Thursday, 18 June 2015


YAAAAAAAAAAAAY my boots are fixed!
so basically, I treated myself to these before christmas and they cost a fucking fortune, and that was before I paid customs and that cost a fucking fortune as well.
fast forward, just over six months later and the left platform had a complete and utter melt down and split and started to come away. half an hour into a day trip in edinburgh. I was super pissed, as you can imagine.
I either had to buy a new pair of shoes, tape them back together or grin and bear it. I tried the second option, SILVER FUCKING DUCT TAPE. it was ridiculous. so fucking ridiculous. so I wapped it off and grinned and beared it for the rest of the day.
thankfully, when I emailed urban outfitters usa, I got a full refund (obviously not on my customs charge though).
so anyway, two months of them lying around my room and my little sad face every time I tripped over them, I've found the cure. HALLELUJAH MAN!
it's called shoe goo and it comes in a huge big massive red tube with a little skull and cross bones at the top. honestly, this is such a wonder product, just in case and of you have any broken shoes you wanna repair, I highly recommend this product, you can actually do so much with it - from repairing torn platforms to waterproofing to split heels. it's the super glue of the shoe world, except you can ALWAYS get the lid off. 
I got mine off ebay, it was £5.99 for a 109.4 ml and it came with free protective gloves and a spatula to spread it, which was actually just one of those tea stirrers you get at snack vans, but you know, I'll take it.

I can't actually remember where I bought this tee from but how amazing is it? it was some independent store on store envy or big cartel or something like that.

duster - UNIF
jeans - topshop
boots - UNIF
bag - vintage kilo store amsterdam

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


so this was yesterdays outfit and I was fucking freezing. typical scottish weather, says it's going to be 18 degrees when it's actually like minus 90. 
I had a wee help to these pictures and I don't actually know if it made it better or worse than just taking them myself. at least if I don't like the first couple of photos I can can carry on taking the exact same photo for ten minutes until I get one I like best, but with other people, they just wanna keep on moving, don't they?
as I said in my last blog post, I went to the safari park yesterday, it was a little bittersweet, a lot of the animals seemed really happy but others just looked a little sad and lonely. 
I'm kinda on the fence about this whole "animals belong in the wild" thing. I do truly believe that but on the other hand, it's so so dangerous for them out there. you see so many horrifying pictures on the internet these days of disgusting excuses for human beings hunting these poor animals for nothing other than their own sick gratification. 

this wee skirt has been in my life for nearly two years now, it's super cute and  there's so many different ways to wear it and for a wee dark soul like me, it's perfect for any time of the year. 
today is the last day of my holiday and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I'm so sad. this little week off has been so much fun for me, it's been like being on holiday from school. weirdly though, I'm only back one day then on another day off so I'll have another two days of blogging before I really start to space my post out. I'm hoping to blog at least twice a week, on my two days off and maybe a few little features in between if anything cute comes through in the post. 

leather jacket - vintage ebay
top - h&m
skirt - everland clothing
shoes - dr martens

Monday, 15 June 2015


so yesterday was a lazy dressing day for me. I was a little fragile and I didn't really wanna do much at all, so I took a little walk, ran some errands and went out for dinner with my parents. 
I had haggis, tatties and cat puke (it was printed as 'neeps' on the menu but my cat legit puked up the exact same thing the other day). so I was a little disappointed. honestly, livingston has so many places to eat and every single one is garbage. 
I then proceeded to go home and cry at sad dog videos whilst keeping a tight headlock around my own dog at the same time. I also a nervous breakdown on the floor of my room trying to find something to wear today. I'm off to the safari park for a girls day out with my mum, sister and wee granny and I pray to god a tiger attacks our car just so ya'know, I can say I nearly touched one. 


how amazing is the looney tunes artwork at the back of my old primary school? it's been there forever, someone probably painted it waaaaay back in the 80's when my mum was in her teens. it's a total nostalgia piece for me every time I walk past it. 
also, how fitting is the 'is dead' graffiti for me? some guy called Mark L is in some kinda shit like, I wonder what he did wrong to piss someone off.  

shirt - boyfriends
band tee - vintage armstrongs vintage emporium
jeans - topshop (my new ones I blogged about yesterday)
boots - dr martens