Monday, 31 August 2015


black n white monochrome delight.

I bought this skirt last summer from h&m and it'll probably pop up a lot on the blog as THERE'S SO MANY WAYS TO WEAR. I've worn it about 100 times already and I'll probably wear it another 100 times. I'm trying to blog but I'm getting distracted by puppies learning to swim in a facebook video. I don't even know if my dog can swim or not. I didn't actually plan on wearing this skirt today, I originally planned on wearing a black skirt with a zip right down the middle with a big hoop pull but when I put it on, it looked ridiculous. that particular skirt is a size 8 and it's far too big for me, honest to god, sizing these days is all outta whack, all the shops are different and none of them are actually right, I'm guessing.

I bought this top in the topshop sale a few years ago, I love that it's slightly see through and you can kind of see the outline of my £1.50 charity shop asos bra find underneath. it's just something that's always been lying around, I say that a lot don't I but honestly, it's little staples like this that just keep my wardrobe together.



Thursday, 27 August 2015


this is just a quick blogpost because I've gotten myself addicted to GOTHAM and it's very important for me to give it my near undivided attention. I finished buffy last week, like I actual raced through the last season, watching three episodes a day (even while I was working, during my breaks). I cried for nearly two hours afterwards, found myself sitting on the floor in work contemplating what I was about to do with my life after it had ended and fruitlessly trying to find another show to become addicted to. I finally found it on monday after and watched nearly nine episodes in one afternoon. UNFORTUNATELY THERE'S ONLY ONE FUCKING SEASON.
my life fucking sucks. although my sister found out that the polish shop in the mall sells cheetos today so I'm currently on my second bag. sweet childhood memories.

anyway, a boring little stripe outfit. a girl can never have enough stripes in her wardrobe and this one was only £7! I actually bought this in a size 18 without trying it on in the hope it'd actually fit me as a dress but I am a lanky shit and no joy. it works just as well with skinnies though.

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top - primark
jeans - topshop
shoes - unif

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Friday, 21 August 2015


my fringe is honestly pissing me the hell off, I'm trying to grow it out I think, I've still not decided. I don't wanna cut it just yet but honestly, it's so long I could totally  get away without actually doing my eyebrows.

I got this skirt two years ago in a charity shop and I can't remember if I cut it or if it was already cut but it's going to be a constant in my wardrobe for life. there's so many ways to wear. think of chunky black knits and leather jackets in winter and cute little crops and black sandals in summer. 

I've got yet another band tee to add to my ever growing collection. my iron maiden ones are some of my absolute favourites, the art work on them is incredible. my boyfriend bought me this the other week when we were in edinburgh from one of the three armstrongs shops. 

LOOK AT THIS DENIM omg I'm in love, I honestly couldn't even afford it and now I'm eating crackers until payday but it was honestly so worth it. another amazing denim to add to my collection of amazing denim. so much amazing. amazing amazing amazing. 

I got the bound creepers in the sale with an XXXXtra 25% off and I didn't even get a customs charge this time. HOLLA. I think I've spent that much money on customs charges in the past that they've just stopped sending me the bill. I've gave them that much money, I must have some sort of allowance left with them that I haven't tapped into yet. 

it's my dad's birthday today and all he wanted was to spend the day at the pub with his girls. how cute. so that's what we're doing and obviously I got moaned at for my skirt being too short but ya know, I'm gonna wear it anyway. 

tee - vintage
skirt - charity shop 
shoes - unif

Thursday, 13 August 2015


I got tagged in a 20 things about me insta post the other day so I figured I'd give you 20 facts about myself on this. my first blog post was a little pathetic in the way of introducing myself so why no eh! I have no idea what else to write about so...

1. I used to write a lot, like actual all the time. I've recently started again and I'm really enjoying it. it's always been a dream of mine to write a book.
2. I hate my hair. I never wanted this cut and style to be permanent but I'm too scared to try and do anything with it in case I ruin it. I was modelling for a salon and they cut my beautiful brown and blonde hair and dyed it black and blue. I went home, locked myself in the bathroom and cried until my mum came home. and then she cried with me. wee dog is my best pal, seriously. I love him so much, he brings me so much happiness, awe awe my cutie baby.
4. I always had crushes on the bad guys when I was a kid. like there was something so endearing about scar from the lion king and jafar omg, babe!
5. I'm currently in the process of cutting meat out of my diet. I'm starting slow and just giving up pork and beef at the moment and then in time, I'll also be cutting out chicken too eventually. lamb and duck and such weren't ever really a big part of my diet so I shouldn't find it too hard to avoid those.
6. I started this blog to give me something positive to focus on, since everything else in my life is so shit at the moment.
7. I'm tall for a girl, standing at 5 ft 9 inches, meaning I tower over boys when I wear my heeled boots  on nights out. they're scared of me.
8. I'm a total potterhead, I started quite late though. not until the third film came out on dvd and the main reason that happened was because I crushed so hard on draco malfoy. I was obsessed with him man. I had a picture of him in the back of my school book folder and I'd get all embarrassed and defensive when people would point out who it was and yell "NO IT ISN'T"
9. 2006 was the best year of my life, I was a cute wee emo kid.
10. my cat hates me. which is really disheartening because I was the only one who wanted a cat in the first place. I begged my parents for years and they always said no, my dad even lied about being deathly allergic to them. and now look, the hairy little bastard is devoted to them and they like him more than they like me. :(
11. I think I've probably spent more on shoes than I have on rent. 
12. I'm into vampires.
20. you've probably noticed I missed 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. and 19. but I'm really uninteresting and I can't think of anything else.

shortalls - unif
top - charity shop
boots - dr martens

Monday, 10 August 2015


I tried posting this last night but all I actually managed to do was sit looking at the blank screen and crying at how cute my cat's skull is, under all his fluffy lovely fur. then I just abandoned mission. even this morning, I don't feel ok. I'm actually just considering going back to bed. this is definitely a delayed hangover, man, I feel awful.

I wore this on friday, for shopping on payday woo, it's now monday and you're actually lucky if I have 15% of the wage I was paid left. I'm currently waiting on deliveries from illamasqua and unif, neither of which will turn up today, bet ye any money.

I bought this dress in 2010, it's one of the few dresses I've never been able to part with even if I have only worn it twice before, it's just always been lying about my room somewhere. I remember I was shopping with my friends and I dragged them around every shop in the centre twice before going back to buy the first dress I'd picked up, they bloody hated me for it. I was a much different person back then, so it's quite nice for me to pull something from that time in my life and incorporate it into my life now.

dress - old topshop
boots - dr martens
jacket - vintage
bag - vintage

fuck facebook

Thursday, 6 August 2015


I'm so in love with this little shirt, urgh. it's one of the cutest things I've ever owned. I bought it in a vintage store at the weekend, I was actually just looking for something to throw on under my cardigan to try and keep my arms warm, it was only like £8 or something and I'm so glad I found it because heart eye emojis. I bought this skirt like two months ago and I never actually thought I'd wear it but now that I've had it on, I can see me planning some cute little outfits around it.
I've legit had these socks for 4 years, I'm not even exaggerating. that's something really special for me, I only have two pairs of socks that I actually manage to keep together, the rest are all lost to the world of mismatched and odd socks are us. 

I kinda actually wish I'd kept this outfit for a different day, maybe for doing something a little more exciting than just going for lunch with my mum and sister. so annoying that I am not an outfit repeater. no sireeee. I have two days a week I can get myself dressed in my own little style, my own clothes and I sure as hell amn't outfit repeating ok.
we went to this new place that's opened in the centre called ed's diner, and it's just like a 1950's style diner, they had a little jukebox on the table so you could pick your own tunes and obviously I had to have the beach boys on. when I grow up, I wanna be a beach boy.

I've spent pretty much half my day crying at emmerdale and wishing ross and pete would fight over me the way they're fighting over debbie whilst simultaneously wishing I looked just like her. does anyone even know what I'm talking about? am I showing you all how much of a granny I really am?

oooooh and did you guys see my new header??? omg, I'm so in love with it. a lovely girl drew it as a favor for me after she'd already drawn another lovely picture of me. I honestly couldn't believe it when she showed me. her insta is @lululolita and she is a beautiful little fluffy fairy girl.

shirt - armstrongs vintage emporium
skirt - topshop
leather - vintage
socks - urban outfitters
shoes - dr martens