Thursday, 23 July 2015


HOLY WHITENESS ya'see that fucking walking cloud?
officially the whitest ghost on the planet.

I actually woke up in this outfit on sunday morning after a stupidly drunken night at the pub, don't worry I've cleaned it. I dressed lazily today to run errands but I wanted to blog this cute little one, even though I was banished to the woods this time, by the horrendous summer weather we're having. 

this little skirt was part of a two piece but I can't remember where I bought it from. the tartan is black watch, something I learned from an older gentlemen at the pub the other night and I think it's so nice. I matched the carpet in the pub too.

my fringe is at the horrible stage where it won't sit properly at all, part of me wants to just leave it to grow out and the rest wants to cut it so short it'll take three years to reach my eyes again. I'm so very bored of this hair cut and style I never wanted in the first place. I haven't dyed it in over a year and it's still dark as night. 

top - primark
jacket - vintage
shoes - dr martens

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


"oh look, a witch."

waaaah! I've wanted these boots for so long, but I never got around to actually buying them until the saturday before last. I scoured the net looking for them, as they're not available to buy in the UK, and I swear everyone wanted like $40-$60 shipping! robbing bastards. finally I found them with $20 shipping and I hummed and hawed for ages before I actually just forced myself to do it. they arrived so quickly too, I was so happy when the post man dropped off the following friday. 
I sized up in them as they're quite narrow at the front and I'm so glad I did because they started to hurt my feet nearing the end of the day. I'd walked all around edinburgh though so it didn't even bother me when they did start to hurt because they'd been fine the whole day. plus the reason they started to hurt is probably because my feet are fucked from actually living in dr martens.

I got this dress off ebay for something daft like £4.20 and it's so pretty, I love it. I'm not actually one for re-wearing things like this but I'm pretty positive I'll be breaking this out in autumn to wear with thigh high socks and my salem boots. it's purple love. 

scottish summer is officially gone, I nearly lost my hat 14 times today but it only fell off my head once and I spent the entire day with a cold butt. but was I hell going out wearing jeans, I've actually been wearing a fur coat to and from work these past few days, ITS THE MIDDLE OF JULY PLEASE MAN. some more sun, warmth. who loves the sun? not everyone. but it is nice to see once in a while man. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015


so, I've pretty much been obsessed with the idea of a wee white dress dirtied up with a leather and kerb stompers for over a year now but never actually got around to wearing it. maybe it's because I couldn't find the right dress, 'cause I've had quite a few white dresses in that space of time, but yesterday I bought this cute little thing. 3 fucking quid, it's ya gal T, the biggest cheapskate going.

I'm gonna do that boring thing no one likes and talk about the weather btw. BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING CUNT. oh aye the sun was out but the wind, the fucking wind was being a wee prick like. I nearly went back to my bed man.

aye well anyway, I got asked where I was off to, where I'd been, who I was all dressed up for, quite a few times like can't I just get a wee bit dressed up without having some big grand plans. what I did do though was meet up with some friends, wait an hour to be served in burger king and had a woman rip my eyebrow hairs out then I forced my sister to buy a nikey cap so she can finally begin her journey as a health goth.

dress - charity shop
leather - vintage
boots - dr martens

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


and you can send me dead flowers every morning, send me dead flowers by the mail. send me dead flowers to my wedding and I won't forget to put roses on your grave.

what a shitty, shitty week I've been having. I nearly never got out of bed this morning, just spent half of it crying. but fuck it, I managed it. what better way to cheer yourself up than sticking a full face of make-up on and singing along to 90's boy bands.

if you've been reading the blog, you might remember me mentioning a wee charity shop near where I live, well I got this dress from there. it cost me £2.50 and I ripped the under dress out two seconds before I was due to leave the house, in true tanya style. 

I took a wander over to the same charity shop today, bought 3 dresses and 2 tops all for under £14. all in perfect vintage condition. that's the thing I love about charity shops, I would never have went into a vintage store and paid upwards of £20 for any of those items but because they were so cheap, I grabbed them all. plus, half the time the stuff in vintage stores are all close to fucked. missing buttons, broken zips, torn hems, whereas you very very rarely ever find any items in charity shops with those kinds of issues.

so I got a fancy new camera over the weekend and numb nuts here went and forgot to buy a new memory card at the same time so I had to steal my sisters out of her camera so I could use it today and I could only take like 20 photos on it because it's a crappy wee 1GB so I had a lot of fun sitting on the wet grass deleting shit photo's every two minutes. pray the post man brings it tomorrow or he's getting his head kicked in cause he's been really shit this week. bear with me on the photo taking shit, there's actually like hundreds of dials on this thing and buttons everywhere and I'm only just starting out, googling things like 'VR meaning on camera lens' 'how do you view picture on the screen rather than through the eye hole' and 'why won't my camera take a picture on self timer' because you're not pressing the button properly, duh.

jacket - vintage ebay
dress - vintage charity shop
boots - dr martens

Thursday, 9 July 2015


is something I find myself constantly saying nowadays. like today, when it was like minus 110 degrees outside and I went to shoot this outfit and I was freezing cold and all I could think was "winter is coming". I really don't do well in the cold, I turn into an absolute child, pouting and whinging and throwing my toys out of the pram. they need to invent a little heat chip to store inside me somewhere so I'm always warm, all of the time. please can someone do that for me, I'll pay you with clothes loans and I'll braid your hair. 

I haven't worn ripped fishnet's in FOREVER, why I dunno, because they're FREAKING AMAZING. turn any outfit super grunge with them, just fire your fingers through the holes and pull man. people will look at you funny when you're in the shopping centre and other grunge kids will nod at you as if you're part of some secret little organisation. the grunge gang. grunge kids are us. you can't grunge with us.

jacket - vintage
dress - vintage ebay (99p!!!!!!)
boots - dr martens
bag - vintage

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


black attire to go with my black mood.
the sun, much like my mood, has been totally up and down today. dragging myself out of bed was so bloody difficult, I didn't manage it until late in the afternoon and even then, I didn't want to do anything but get straight back into it. but thank god for red lipstick and winged liner, making me feel a little bit more human and a little less sad. 

when I went to take these photos it was like I had a little tiny sun hid under my skin, my whole face was illuminated bright white, I looked like a sad little ghost. so half the photo's I took were rendered useless. I don't want the internet knowing how pale I really am. my sister keeps trying to persuade me to hit the sunbeds and I think I might have to actually start going, it's just plain embarrassing taking a picture and you're literally whiter than the whitest cloud in the sky (even thought most of today's clouds were grey, I can't think of any other white things so....). 

jacket - vintage
tee - vintage, armstrongs vintage emporium
jeans - topshop
boots - dr martens

Friday, 3 July 2015


today is the fourth day I've ventured into edinburgh. albeit, the past two were actually work related but ya'know, it's been good for me. getting away from the darkness of my own bedroom and the constant isolation from everything/everyone I've been feeling the past few months. 
I met up with my absentee best friend today, absentee because she had a baby at the end of last year and our schedules have just constantly clashed so we haven't seen much of each other the past few months. but like ya'know, there's only so many days of the week I can actually bring myself to get out of bed so mostly it's been my fault. but it's just so fun to see her after so long and absolutely nothing has changed between us. plus her baby is super cute so +100 points. 
so what about this weather scotland's been having. it's not natural man. this heat is actually unbearable. even just sitting in it, your balls are fucking sweating. the minute you stop walking, it's like you're a human fountain, sweating all over yourself. it's horrible. but then the past couple of nights, it's been thunder and lightening and rain storms and THE HEAT HAS STILL BEEN UNBEARABLE. 
which leads me to this outfit. so I've actually not worn shorts (with my legs out) for like three years. I dunno why, I've just not felt comfortable about having so much leg out, and I have A LOT of leg, like human spider amount of leg. I mean, I used to spend my weekends in hot pants so really it shouldn't have bothered me, but my confidence was down I guess. but I wapped these bad boys out today, in a frenzy, after spending nearly an hour trying to find something to wear and was like "fuck it, let's fucking do this". it was too hot to continue wrestling with my vast amount of clothing and I was already running late. and wahlah, legs oot in full force and I wasn't too self conscious walking around either, but honestly I probably would have went out wearing absolutely fuck all today if it wasn't for the fact I'd have probably been arrested. 

shirt - boyfriends
tee - brandy melville
shorts - vintage levi's
boots - dr martens