Saturday, 23 January 2016


how freaking ugly is this jacket huh??? I'm in love with it. it's funny how the media and society tell us what to fall in love with and what not to find beautiful. well I say fuck it, be attracted to ugly dogs, fall in love with ginger people, grow your lady hair and feel beautiful. be a dirty little bug if you wanna be.

I got this ugly lil thing in a charity shop for a fiver or something a few weeks ago. I just threw it on today for a short walk, I needed to get out of the stuffiness of my bedroom and clear my head for a little while. I also wore my boots, aw look at them, I haven't worn them in forever. also check out my sock, that one is from tesco.

this is my dog, he has a few different names, stupid dog, oli, butt butt, slugdog and he's a sociopath. he tries to scale the shed to escape from the garden, falls up the stairs, barks at the ceiling fan, attacks my dad anytime he comes near me, walks around behind the cat sniffing his butt, chases kids on skateboards, skates, running with footballs (he basically just chases kids really), tries to get in the shower with you, he runs away and falls down muddy ditches, he picks his food out the dish and throws it on the floor, he ate some of my shoes once. he's my best friend. 

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