Wednesday, 3 February 2016


aw maaaaaan I'm so over winter like, it's fucking baltic outside. over it. abso-fucking-lutely over it. absolutely. so done.

I wore this last week when I went to the cat cafe with my momma. she got me a voucher for my birthday last october and I only got round to booking it the other week because I'm a lazy cow. anywaaaaay so the cat cafe, omg, it was the best hour of my life. there was like 12 cats all in one place and they were all fluffy and cute and I got to touch every single one of them, actual heaven. I got scratched and it was amazing.

I've legit bought like a hundred hats since payday, I got this lil beret in a charity shop for a couple of quid, they had a cream one too and I'm seriously regretting not buying that as well. I'm going to say I bought it, originally, as an alternative to my wide brim hats, seeing as they have a tendency to come flying off and disappearing half way down the street (or in my byf's case, over the waverly bridge onto the top of the train station, lost to the beautiful city of edinburgh forever. sorry bae) but really, I just wanted to pretend I was french and say sacré bleu! all the time. however, not even a beret is able to withstand the trials of scottish winds and I don't look very french running down the road after it. boo.

I've also bought a fair few new pairs of shoes. I have nowhere to keep them. but I moaned a few weeks ago about how I thought my asos ka ching boots were ugly, so obviously I went and bought a new pair of the over the knees and I LOVE THEM. look at the wood on the bottom. THEY'RE SO MUCH NICER. I still have my asos boots, but I'm trying to get rid of them because I'm seriously worried they're going to end up tripping me over and causing a severe head injury because I've been bad mouthing them on the internet
you guy's ever heard of truffle? the shoe "brand" stocked mostly in garage shoes and shoezone? yeh well, THEY MADE THESE!!!! I'm so confused. they're on asos and I legit had about 6 pairs of their shoes in my basket before I narrowed it down to the ones I wanted to buy. their shit is AH-MAZIN. these were in the sale too, their prices are actually pretty steep btw, but I doubt you could nip out to your local shoezone to find these amongst the gym rubbers and wallabees.


my hair is everywhere in these, honestly if you wish you had long hair like me, just fucking stop, mine tries to strangle me all the freaking time.

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  1. I love the way you write, it is as if I can really hear you talking! I am so over winter too, but in California my winter is only 50 degrees lol (fahrenheit of course). This outfit was majorly cute, doll.