Wednesday, 13 April 2016


☆ hello again angels 

I've been away from blogging for a wee while. again. I've been so busy/stressed/sad/uninterested recently. they say if you're constantly feeling low that you should take up a hobby or something but how can you when you can hardly muster the energy to get out of bed some days? today will be the third day in just over a week that I'll have barely moved from my bedroom. thank the lord for netflix, snacks and slug dog. thankfully, I can get away with blaming it on the weather, since it's been absolutely horrific recently.

I bought this dress in a charity shop for like £4 when we were in berwick, I'm absolutely in love with it, I wore a white silk 90's slip underneath (said slip is everything my dreams are made of but I just don't have the balls to wear it out on it's own) and my new but old topshop aba boots which I'm absolutely head over heels with. fuck knows what else I'll ever wear them with but I will treasure them for the rest of my life. I also picked up this little vintage lace scarf from a little obscure vintage/antique store when we there, it was called alisha's attic (mind that 90's group??? praying they named it after them) and it was so cute inside. I also got my mum a little porcelain pierrot doll because I remember she had one when I was wee (I'm pretty sure either me or my sister broke it soo...). 
talking about it is making me want to go back so bad, for such a little place, it was an absolutely brilliant little trip. it's not even that far from where I live so maybe a little day visit will be on the cards soon enough.

dress - oxfam
boots - topshop
scarf - vintage alisha's attic

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