Sunday, 19 March 2017

sweet sally.

it's that time of year again, when the flowers start to bloom and the sun pops its cute lil face out from behind the clouds and your entire mood seems to lift. 
with this new season, I'm happy to get up and get out the door in the mornings, which is exactly what I did today. up, washed, make-up done and out the door, all before 10am, I was home by half two; the house all cleaned and tidied and we're just about to start dinner.
today, I ventured into hackney to go to my first vintage kilo sale and it did not disappoint. I've wanted to go to one of these for ages, they used to have some in Edinburgh but of course, amazing stuff like this only happens on weekends and in my last job, I worked every single weekend, so I could never go to them. however, with my new job, there's plenty of opportunities for me to have weekends off so that also means plenty of opportunities for me to do cool stuff. 

I picked up quite a few decent bits and bobs at the kilo sale. I ended up coming home with like 6 new belts, 2 bags, 4 dresses, a rad pair of boot straps and a beautiful suede jacket that's perfect for this warmer weather. I bought kilos in advance which meant I got them for £12.50 instead of £15 and it was £1.50 for the entrance fee so it's a brilliant way to buy vintage and save some money while doing it. 

I picked up the bag and the belt I'm wearing in these pictures today. the belt is by far my favorite thing I bought and might just be the coolest thing I now own. I'm also wearing a raglan I bought my boyfriend a few years ago and boots I got last year from topshop (which have absolutely destroyed my feet today). 

I've also changed my hair recently! I couldn't finish up this post without mentioning it, I guess. I hated my dark hair for ages, I don't fake tan or use sunbeds so I'm just always ghostly pale and my natural hair colour is basically black so I was always self conscious about looking.. well, too goth I guess. I had planned just to lighten it then dye it a light brown colour but when it went gingery, I decided to just go with it. I've had my hair bright orange before and ginger once too so it's not entirely new to me but it is a huge change for now. my roots are coming in something awful already though, my hair grows so quickly but I don't feel like it's adding any length to it, it's weird.

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