Sunday, 19 February 2017

red february.

ello ello ello...again! long time no see ae? I kind of abandoned the blog for, like, forever. but I'm back tryna give it another go, I've even changed the name, again! SOOOOOO much has happened since I last updated it so I'm gonna do a wee life update too. 

well I guess if you've been able to keep up with my instagram (although the new algorithm has completely fucked my insta experience, I hardly use it anymore), you've probably noticed that I moved to London at the beginning of November. I'm now living in a beautiful flat in North Kensington with my boyfriend and I am absolutely loving it. I quit my job in order to move away, packed up all my things and my amazing parents drove me down in the middle of the night to drop me off so I could start my new life. it was emotional, but I'm glad I finally plucked up the courage to get out of Livingston and away from my toxic workplace. 
I started a new job a few weeks ago and although it's not really where I seen myself ending up, I'm really enjoying it so far. I have great working hours and I get every Sunday off which is quite important because B is off every weekend so it means we can spend a full day together doing whatever we want, the shop is also dead on Saturday's so there's plenty of opportunity for me to have a full weekend off. I had originally wanted a job working in a clothes shop but working right off of Oxford Street and walking down it after work at 8pm, most of the big shops are open till like 9-10 o'clock at night, its mental man. London is mental.
there's plenty of opportunity for shopping though haha, there's four zara's on my walk to the tube station from work, like three h&m's, TOPSHOP OXFORD STREET, it's freaking 5 stories high man and everything else in between, I AM SO SKINT. I live a 20 minute walk away from westfield shopping center too and that's fucking huge, I get lost in it every single time I go. 

we've done so much amazing stuff since I moved down too. my sister was down for a week at the start of the month and we had the best time, although the majority of it was spent in the pub. 
today B and I went to the sky garden for a late V day date. it was a bit cloudy out but the views were still amazing, it was super cute. I kept this cute lil red star print dress especially for the occasion.
I am obsessed with anything star print right now. I have a wishlist saved in my phone of all the majestic star print pieces I'm going to buy as soon as I get paid and I will only be wearing star printed items from then on.

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