Tuesday, 9 February 2016


there's a lot of things completely wrong with this outfit.
first off, I'm wearing blue jeans. BLUE FUCKING JEANS HELLO, what the hell?? I want to pretend that I don't even know where they came from. I want to say I just found them down the back of my bed like a lost lonesome sock. I want to say a friend left them here 3 years ago.
but the truth is, I bought and paid for these myself. I went into a shop and I fell in love with them on the hanger and then I fell in love with my butt wearing them in the changing room and then I spent my last 30 quid on them.
I'm wearing a funny hat.
I'm wearing cheap and sensible shoes. I bought these boots in primark for a tenner a couple of weeks ago. and these aren't the only sensible looking, cheap boots I've bought in recent weeks. my sister dragged me to primark last week, and I ended up walking out with another two pairs of boots, with small heels and no platforms, but I only paid a fiver for each of them. the week before that, I was in there again and I bought a pair of FLATS, flat fucking shoes, but they're lace ups and they're cute as hell but they only cost me £8. now, as someone who usually spends upwards of £100 on shoes, this is quite a scary experience for me. and it's not just the price I'm paying for them that is scaring me, it's also the way they look. they are a far cry from all the unif and dr marten's I own. 
I genuinely think I am broken.
I wore this top in my last blog post. oops. but I guess that's the power of a good striped top, they legit go with just about anything.

so, my twitter friend, mark, offered to help me out and edit these pictures for me. how freaking nice was that of him huh? it's definitely made me realize that I need to get some proper photoshop skills under my belt. I've recently been editing mine on my phone but it's such a hassle to do, it takes forever and I'm definitely going blind, I can't see what the hell I'm doing.


jacket - vintage
jeans - h&m
top - primark
boots - primark
hat - village hats

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