Tuesday, 23 February 2016


ok, so lemme just start this thing off with

have you ever seen anything as attractive???
I'm so in love. I've had them a few months now but I've never wore them for a blog post soooo. I honestly wanted these forever, in the beginning it was a toss up between these and the thrash boots but in the end I actually ended up with the era boots (MIND THEY BROKE THOUGH). 

the next bit of important info is that THE FREAKING SUN WAS OUT TODAY I was actually warm for the first time in 856 years. it made me so happy, I ate my weight in marshmallows and now I feel like I'm going to puke rainbows. 

I surprised myself a wee bit with this leopard coat, I found it in a charity shop for a fiver, it's vintage Quiz, if I've learned anything from charity shopping, it's that in 90's-early 2000's quiz was actually a pretty decent place to shop, fast forward to 2016 and I wouldn't even let my arch nemesis's kid anywhere near the place, hello tack. anyway, I bloody love it, it's pretty versatile as well considering it's a print, I'll definitely be wearing it a lot more in the coming months. 

I'm off to glasgow this weekend for a birthday night out and I tried my outfit on today and I have to say I am in L-O-V-E, have you ever put something on, looked in the mirror and thought "DAMN GIRL WHO IS THAT THAT AINT EVEN YOU???" well those words left my mouth. after that, I'm meeting the beau in berwick-upon-tweed for a few nights, so tonight I'll be outfit planning, throwing a bazillion hissy fits and trying to fit four pairs of shoes into my teeny tiny little suitcase. 
I've had about 10 asos deliveries come this weekend (I paid for premier delivery and it's probably the best decision I've ever made), I even had two asos and three make-up parcels delivered on sunday, SUNDAY, I had parcels on a SUNDAY. coming home to five parcels on a SUNDAY is actually the best feeling on the planet, especially after a ten hour day from hell. 


coat - vintage
tee - vintage, boyfriends
skirt - primark
boots - unif

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