Wednesday, 7 September 2016


guess who's back with a brand new rap, and I don't mean rap as in a new case of...

hey babies! long time no see huh?! I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure if I was ever actually gonna make it back on here. the past few months have been a whirlwind of doing lots of things but also not doing anything at all. it's been weird. 

 I'm currently in london, visiting my boyfriend in his new flat. I've been down here quite a bit recently. we've done so much amazing stuff, we even met carl barat on his birthday! I was a wreck, I barely spoke to him at all, but he was sooooo cool. 

I wore this outfit out yesterday, I went for a lil trip to oxford street on my own and ended up getting bloody lost. I got baker street and bond street mixed up and ended up having to walk over 20 minutes to get to where I wanted to go. the heat has been absolutely unbelievable everytime I've been down, it's supposed to be september but in london it feels like the middle of july and it feels like london is in the middle of fucking spain and I can't deal with it. I just cant. so yesterday, even though it was overcast, after twenty minutes of walking, I felt like a dog that had been left in a hot car for a few minutes. I can't wait till it gets cooler so I can actually bring a coat down with me (hopefully next time).

sooooo... my style has dramatically changed since I started this blog, back when I was "grunge as fuck, cunt". I've never really been one to shy away from "being yourself", I've always tended to kinda let my style speak for me since I'm not so good with speaking real words (the curse of the shyness monster). but yesterday, I was a little aprehensive about leaving the house dressed like this on my own. I can wear ANYTHING around my boyfriend, he makes me feel so comfortable with my personal style, and I tend to keep my more outlandish outfits for when we're going out together. I'd never dream of wearing an outfit like this back home, coming from a small town with small minded people, it's hard to kinda branch out and be different. but somewhere like london, there's so many eccentic, amazing people, it's so easy to truly be yourself. now, I'm not saying "nobody looked at me! it was so great!!" but nobody looked at me with like a naughty judgement face and that was so great.

I'm proper in love with this pussybow blouse, I wasn't lucky enough to get it off the zara website when it first came out but I managed to track one down on ebay for a good price. the bells are pylo and I bought them from america and I got the bloody wrong leg size. I looked at my legs and was like "yeh, 32inches will totally be long enough" forgetting that my legs are the same length as masts on a fricking ship. I managed to find a pair in a 35" inseam on depop a few days after they arrived and I sold mine on to lovely girl who gave them a lovely home. I stole this belt off a mannequin in forever 21 after I walked around the shop about 18 times looking for it hanging up somewhere.

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