Tuesday, 6 October 2015



I feel so grown up. I feel like a cowboy. I've been walking funny all day. like you know when john wayne walks his john wayne walk in his john wayne boots, I've felt like john wayne all day. they've also given me a total work out, my stomach muscle's are aching now, I was planning on wearing them for walking around liverpool on saturday but I don't think I'll be able to spend the night dancing afterwards. boo. I'm defo in love though, I couldn't stop thinking about them after I saw them and I kept getting butterflies every time I did, they're so so so so beautiful. adult boots for a adult girl. cowboy boots for a cowboy girl. whatever.

I've never worn my coat on the blog before, BUT LOOOK AT IT LOOK AT IT my baby. angels may as well have made it. *sits waiting for someone to crack a lame big bird joke* some smart ass wee guy actually asked me where keith harris was, I WAS LIKE THAT FUCKING BIRD IS GREEN YOU DUMB SHIT I also had to google that guys name there. I get more compliments about the coat than nasty stupid comments. in fact, what's the point in actually making nasty stupid comments to strangers? yawn grow up.

jacket - bitching & junkfood
bodysuit - boohoo
jeans - matalan
boots - asos

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