Thursday, 15 October 2015


"...and a hand-me-down robe, you must be a weasley." 
mind when we were all younger and the only thing worse than two stripe trainers was being forced to wear clothes that had belonged to someone else? mine were usually from my dad's friends kids or my older cousins and it was always mortifying being handed the black bin bag of shit and having to say "thank you" with a fake smile. WHAT A THING OF THE PAST! secondhand clothes are in my top 5 favorite things on the planet. whether vintage or relatively new (but you just couldn't afford the price at the time and then it sold out), secondhand clothing is an absolute godsend. some of the nicest things I've ever bought have been from charity shops, 99 pence dresses you say??? that's going straight in my basket. and at any rate, charity shopping is the funnest way to shop, I'd 100% rather spend an hour in a charity shop rummaging through the masses of clothes to find that one perfect skirt for £1.50 than go to a high street store and spend an hour deciding if I wanna buy that one mediocre dress for £48 and then immediately regretting my decision, either way, as soon as I leave the shop. seeing rack after rack of the same boring print is exactly that, boring, gimme 80's frilly sleeves and 60's patterns and ripped hems and little burn holes in sweaters, gimme clothes that have lived, clothes that people have loved. 

dress - motel, depop (£5)
sweater - vtg next, charity shop (£1.50)
shoes - unif

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