Thursday, 29 October 2015


if you've been reading this then you'll probably remember how excited I was over the fact that it was october. WELL HOW FUCKING WRONG I WAS. everything that could have went wrong for me, this month, has. 
it all started with liverpool, where I drunkenly smashed my phone (I think I stood on it) and I haven't been able to afford to get it fixed yet. because I also spent the middle of the month POOR like actually couldn't afford lunch poor. it wasn't until my birthday when I got some money and it didn't seem fair of me to spend the money I received from various different family members on fixing my stupid mistake. it's still broken and I've legit been using my ipad as a fucking phone for nearly three weeks.
I also left my camera charger in liverpool and although my dad bought me a new one from ebay (because he felt bad about buying my sister a stapler and me, nothing) last friday, it's still not here EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE BY TUESDAY and so my camera ran out of battery today, leaving me with a very limited number of photos to choose from for this post. serious annoyance.
when we were in glasgow last week, there was loads of halloween shops dotted around and obviously, I had to drag brendan into every single one, much to his annoyance. and basically, in one of them, the girl was really nice but she conned me into buying liquid latex, for £7.49. I'm saying she conned me because she did. I got home and had a look around my room for face paint, which I found with the exact same bottle of liquid latex and a receipt, A RECEIPT FOR £1FUCKING.49 FROM EBAY. I'm not even kidding when I say I will actual be covering myself with liquid latex on saturday, it'll be all over me, the soles of my feet, in my hair, you name it.
one of my brand new gerard cosmetic lipsticks was broken before I even used it. now I'm not being funny right but I've bought collection 2000 lipsticks for £2 before which have lasted years without breaking, never mind running out, which I'm pretty sure this pathetic little thing will do after 5 uses, it's fucking tiny. 

so I'm not having a good month am I but it's payday tomorrow and then IT'S OFFICIALLY FUCKING HALLOWEEN ON SATURDAY. FINALLY!! I'm currently listening to the nightmare before christmas soundtrack to hype myself up. the best compliment I ever received was when a boy told me that I reminded him of a tim burton character. the second was when my boyfriend told me I looked gaunt. 

top (obviously I had to cut it) - vintage, tunnel vision
skirt - love too true
shoes - dr martens

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