Thursday, 1 October 2015


my birthday and halloween all rolled into one perfect tiny little month. october, it even sounds so cute. night comes earlier and stays till late in the morning and cuddling on the couch with little dog and halloween chocolate and fur coats and october. october. what a wonderful time to be alive. can you marry a month, 'cause I wanna.

the month is actually kicking off quite nice, weather wise. it's lovely out there today, a slight breeze but no worse than any we had in summer. I'm personally looking forward to it getting colder, I say this and then as soon as it hits november, I'm like "NOPE NUT I'm never leaving the house again, winter is too long, let me go back to bed, tell my boss I have pneumonia, I'm not coming in." but honestly though, the cold months stretch on for what feels like an entire decade and the warm months (if you can really call them that in this godforsaken place) are gone in the blink of an eye, I'd prefer for it to just be october and november super cold and dark, december SNOWY AND WHITE LIGHTY and then the rest of the year can be like warm summer but not so much that you feel like you're in the sahara. lemme be the weather god.

I've got lots of fun things lined up for this month, tonight I'm off to see kevin bridges with my sister in glasgow, yay for scottish comedians and irn-bru and kilts and stuff. next weekend I'm going to liverpool for the weekend, I've never been before so I'm soooopa excited for that. bae is taking me to stay in glasgow for my birthday and we're gonna do loads of vintage shopping and thai food eating and drinking in cool bars. and after that it'll be like halloween and I'll get to play with fake blood and liquid latex and spray paint my hair and shit yaaaaaaaay. 

top - h&m
skirt - topshop

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