Sunday, 6 September 2015


oh ya right in the hangover. I am a rough little puppy today. today was a total "I can't even be fucked" day, lazy dressing, lazy make-up and I didn't even bother washing the glitter out of my hair from last night. I GOT TO DRESS AS A FAIRY yaaaaay, it was so much fun. I even had to jump the fence to get in so I actual flew. and I've just noticed that this lip combo just doesn't do me any justice whatsoever. I can't wait to bring back my permanent red lip in the colder months.

I picked up this vintage ralph lauren velvet leopard print shirt in a charity shop the other for £5.99 and the sun was out but it was still chilly and I couldn't be bothered thinking so I just threw it over the top of a boring black outfit to go for hungover coffee with ma gal. I'm trying really hard not to burst into tears, my mum had the black parade on and it just about tipped me over the edge. I need saved, someone hold me. I'm all over the place here so PICTURE TIME.

top - topshop
skirt - h&m
shirt - vintage charity shop
boots - dr martens

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