Thursday, 10 September 2015


yaay, I'm on holiday from work again for the weekend I came down to my boyfriends last night to surprise him early for his birthday because he's going to be old at the weekend, I'll officially be dating an old aged pensioner come next week but before he becomes decrepit and tired all the time, we have loads of fun stuff planned. he's my fav person to do fun stuff with.

although, I hate hate hate packing and travelling because I unpacked at his earlier today and realized I'd only actually brought one good outfit and it's not as if I can just nip down the road and pick up my good pants and I had to bring my leather jacket and my fur coat because this is the uk man, imagine I only brought my fur and woke up on saturday and it 80degrees outside and imagine I only brought my leather and woke up on sunday and it was pissing it down. every day is like sunday.
and there's also the small matter of only being able to pack ONE extra pair of shoes, urgh. don't even talk to me about it.

I actually bought this white hing because I wanted to wear it as a dress but I'm so lanky man I may as well have just worn it as a crop top. someone please swap me heights, I wanna be five foot one and wear heels all the damn time, life is so unfair.

I took these indoors because his neighbors are nosey bastards, the whole family proper making their way into their garden to find out what I was up to. GET YO ASSES BACK INDOORS FOOLS.

leather - vintage
top - unif
jeans - matalan
boots - dr martens

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