Monday, 28 September 2015


monday, monday, mondaaaaaay.
hello, I slept till noon and I haven't done anything all day. instead of having breakfast, I had a ice cream thing I found in the freezer. I was supposed to wash my hair but I still haven't even taken it out of the ponytail it's been in for two days. I'm currently curled up on the couch with little dog watching american beauty and I don't really plan on moving until at least 9pm, there's a whole section on the now box with 90's movies that I plan on getting right in about.

I wore this outfit last week when I went for lunch with my friend. the shirt is maybe a little short for someone my height to wear as a dress but ya know I do whatever the fuck I want. I bought it when we were in amsterdam nearer the start of the year and wore it buttoned up with jeans while we were there. it's super cute, I'll probably wear it open over a long sleeve turtle neck and some jeans when the weather gets colder, lazy outfit options. 

my hair's a bit all over the place here, I hadn't brushed it in weeks probably. I should really try and take more care of it. but it always just looks flat and boring when I do. booooo.

sleeveless shirt - vintage
long sleeve top - primark
shoes - unif

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