Wednesday, 23 September 2015


I've been dreaming of this outfit FOREVER I love it I love it I love it. I feel like an earth witch, ready to go harness the powers of the four elements to help cast spells to make your hair fall out if you're mean about me. ooooh spooky.

I got really ratty this morning trying to find my black h&m dress, that I've worn countless times on the blog. it's so frustrating when you can't find something and you know you're the one who's misplaced it as no one else possibly could have taken it as it won't fit anyone else in your house. but anyway I won this pull&bear dress on ebay for like £1.70 and I didn't think I'd actually ever wear it but ya'know I had 15 seconds to find something and so on it went.
urgh this maxi cardi is my dreams. my boyfriend bought me it as part of my christmas last year and urgh he's so good at presents as well as being an absolute babe. luckiest. it's from my favorite online vintage store,, which is the coolest store ever run by the coolest girl gang I've ever seen. I wanna move to L.A. and be friends with them all so bad, but ya'know I'm defo not cool enough. sad face emoji.

I went for lunch with my mum and gran today and now my dad is coming home and he wants to take us out for chinese food AND I AINT EVEN MAD I'm totally going. I've given up with everything and I'm ready just to become a fat mess.

cardi - vintage tunnel vision
dress - pull&bear
shoes - t.u.k.

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