Sunday, 13 September 2015


the elephant being this ahmazing outfit I gone and put together. this is actually probably my favourite thing I've EVER worn, I felt so attractive yesterday, in fact I don't think I've felt as good about myself in such a long time. I took these photos on friday because we wouldn't have had time to do it yesterday but my makeup was also amazing (by my standards anyway) and urgh I wish I looked and felt like that every day. yaaaay for a day of body positivity!!

I talked about this skirt weeks ago in a blogpost, I got it in a vintage shop in edinburgh for £10 and it's one of the prettiest things I own. the waistband is broken though but I'm sure if I asked really nicely my mums friend would fix it for me *angel face emoji* but at any rate it didn't bug me wearing it yesterday so I'll probably just leave it. 

so yesterday was my boyfriends birthday and I took him to York for the day and it was lovely, apart from the rain. we had food, drinks, walked around a lot and spent about two hours in the disney shop. there was a peaceful march for #refugeeswelcome which we followed around for a while, yaay york, we dig you! later on in the night we saw straight outta compton and URGH I loved it, I cried so hard. I might not look it but I actually grew up on N.W.A and what a brilliant movie to honour their legacy. my boys. 

I'm currently posting this while riding on a football bus, because I am going to a football match. I'm not sure how I feel about this but it's his birthday weekend and that's what he's chosen to drag me to. I haven't been to a football match in like 12 years, I went to a livingston vs celtic game with my uncle and the most exciting thing about it was getting my face painted but I'm not really sure my boyfriend will let me do that this time. HOWEVER FABIO BORINI IS STARTING BACK TODAY so at least I'll have something nice to look at. I even have permission to kiss him if he asks me. 

hat - h&m
bodysuit - boohoo
skirt - vintage
boots - y.r.u

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