Thursday, 9 July 2015


is something I find myself constantly saying nowadays. like today, when it was like minus 110 degrees outside and I went to shoot this outfit and I was freezing cold and all I could think was "winter is coming". I really don't do well in the cold, I turn into an absolute child, pouting and whinging and throwing my toys out of the pram. they need to invent a little heat chip to store inside me somewhere so I'm always warm, all of the time. please can someone do that for me, I'll pay you with clothes loans and I'll braid your hair. 

I haven't worn ripped fishnet's in FOREVER, why I dunno, because they're FREAKING AMAZING. turn any outfit super grunge with them, just fire your fingers through the holes and pull man. people will look at you funny when you're in the shopping centre and other grunge kids will nod at you as if you're part of some secret little organisation. the grunge gang. grunge kids are us. you can't grunge with us.

jacket - vintage
dress - vintage ebay (99p!!!!!!)
boots - dr martens
bag - vintage

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