Friday, 3 July 2015


today is the fourth day I've ventured into edinburgh. albeit, the past two were actually work related but ya'know, it's been good for me. getting away from the darkness of my own bedroom and the constant isolation from everything/everyone I've been feeling the past few months. 
I met up with my absentee best friend today, absentee because she had a baby at the end of last year and our schedules have just constantly clashed so we haven't seen much of each other the past few months. but like ya'know, there's only so many days of the week I can actually bring myself to get out of bed so mostly it's been my fault. but it's just so fun to see her after so long and absolutely nothing has changed between us. plus her baby is super cute so +100 points. 
so what about this weather scotland's been having. it's not natural man. this heat is actually unbearable. even just sitting in it, your balls are fucking sweating. the minute you stop walking, it's like you're a human fountain, sweating all over yourself. it's horrible. but then the past couple of nights, it's been thunder and lightening and rain storms and THE HEAT HAS STILL BEEN UNBEARABLE. 
which leads me to this outfit. so I've actually not worn shorts (with my legs out) for like three years. I dunno why, I've just not felt comfortable about having so much leg out, and I have A LOT of leg, like human spider amount of leg. I mean, I used to spend my weekends in hot pants so really it shouldn't have bothered me, but my confidence was down I guess. but I wapped these bad boys out today, in a frenzy, after spending nearly an hour trying to find something to wear and was like "fuck it, let's fucking do this". it was too hot to continue wrestling with my vast amount of clothing and I was already running late. and wahlah, legs oot in full force and I wasn't too self conscious walking around either, but honestly I probably would have went out wearing absolutely fuck all today if it wasn't for the fact I'd have probably been arrested. 

shirt - boyfriends
tee - brandy melville
shorts - vintage levi's
boots - dr martens

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