Tuesday, 7 July 2015


black attire to go with my black mood.
the sun, much like my mood, has been totally up and down today. dragging myself out of bed was so bloody difficult, I didn't manage it until late in the afternoon and even then, I didn't want to do anything but get straight back into it. but thank god for red lipstick and winged liner, making me feel a little bit more human and a little less sad. 

when I went to take these photos it was like I had a little tiny sun hid under my skin, my whole face was illuminated bright white, I looked like a sad little ghost. so half the photo's I took were rendered useless. I don't want the internet knowing how pale I really am. my sister keeps trying to persuade me to hit the sunbeds and I think I might have to actually start going, it's just plain embarrassing taking a picture and you're literally whiter than the whitest cloud in the sky (even thought most of today's clouds were grey, I can't think of any other white things so....). 

jacket - vintage
tee - vintage, armstrongs vintage emporium
jeans - topshop
boots - dr martens

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