Tuesday, 21 July 2015


"oh look, a witch."

waaaah! I've wanted these boots for so long, but I never got around to actually buying them until the saturday before last. I scoured the net looking for them, as they're not available to buy in the UK, and I swear everyone wanted like $40-$60 shipping! robbing bastards. finally I found them with $20 shipping and I hummed and hawed for ages before I actually just forced myself to do it. they arrived so quickly too, I was so happy when the post man dropped off the following friday. 
I sized up in them as they're quite narrow at the front and I'm so glad I did because they started to hurt my feet nearing the end of the day. I'd walked all around edinburgh though so it didn't even bother me when they did start to hurt because they'd been fine the whole day. plus the reason they started to hurt is probably because my feet are fucked from actually living in dr martens.

I got this dress off ebay for something daft like £4.20 and it's so pretty, I love it. I'm not actually one for re-wearing things like this but I'm pretty positive I'll be breaking this out in autumn to wear with thigh high socks and my salem boots. it's purple love. 

scottish summer is officially gone, I nearly lost my hat 14 times today but it only fell off my head once and I spent the entire day with a cold butt. but was I hell going out wearing jeans, I've actually been wearing a fur coat to and from work these past few days, ITS THE MIDDLE OF JULY PLEASE MAN. some more sun, warmth. who loves the sun? not everyone. but it is nice to see once in a while man. 

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