Wednesday, 15 July 2015


and you can send me dead flowers every morning, send me dead flowers by the mail. send me dead flowers to my wedding and I won't forget to put roses on your grave.

what a shitty, shitty week I've been having. I nearly never got out of bed this morning, just spent half of it crying. but fuck it, I managed it. what better way to cheer yourself up than sticking a full face of make-up on and singing along to 90's boy bands.

if you've been reading the blog, you might remember me mentioning a wee charity shop near where I live, well I got this dress from there. it cost me £2.50 and I ripped the under dress out two seconds before I was due to leave the house, in true tanya style. 

I took a wander over to the same charity shop today, bought 3 dresses and 2 tops all for under £14. all in perfect vintage condition. that's the thing I love about charity shops, I would never have went into a vintage store and paid upwards of £20 for any of those items but because they were so cheap, I grabbed them all. plus, half the time the stuff in vintage stores are all close to fucked. missing buttons, broken zips, torn hems, whereas you very very rarely ever find any items in charity shops with those kinds of issues.

so I got a fancy new camera over the weekend and numb nuts here went and forgot to buy a new memory card at the same time so I had to steal my sisters out of her camera so I could use it today and I could only take like 20 photos on it because it's a crappy wee 1GB so I had a lot of fun sitting on the wet grass deleting shit photo's every two minutes. pray the post man brings it tomorrow or he's getting his head kicked in cause he's been really shit this week. bear with me on the photo taking shit, there's actually like hundreds of dials on this thing and buttons everywhere and I'm only just starting out, googling things like 'VR meaning on camera lens' 'how do you view picture on the screen rather than through the eye hole' and 'why won't my camera take a picture on self timer' because you're not pressing the button properly, duh.

jacket - vintage ebay
dress - vintage charity shop
boots - dr martens

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