Thursday, 16 July 2015


so, I've pretty much been obsessed with the idea of a wee white dress dirtied up with a leather and kerb stompers for over a year now but never actually got around to wearing it. maybe it's because I couldn't find the right dress, 'cause I've had quite a few white dresses in that space of time, but yesterday I bought this cute little thing. 3 fucking quid, it's ya gal T, the biggest cheapskate going.

I'm gonna do that boring thing no one likes and talk about the weather btw. BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING CUNT. oh aye the sun was out but the wind, the fucking wind was being a wee prick like. I nearly went back to my bed man.

aye well anyway, I got asked where I was off to, where I'd been, who I was all dressed up for, quite a few times like can't I just get a wee bit dressed up without having some big grand plans. what I did do though was meet up with some friends, wait an hour to be served in burger king and had a woman rip my eyebrow hairs out then I forced my sister to buy a nikey cap so she can finally begin her journey as a health goth.

dress - charity shop
leather - vintage
boots - dr martens

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