Thursday, 6 August 2015


I'm so in love with this little shirt, urgh. it's one of the cutest things I've ever owned. I bought it in a vintage store at the weekend, I was actually just looking for something to throw on under my cardigan to try and keep my arms warm, it was only like £8 or something and I'm so glad I found it because heart eye emojis. I bought this skirt like two months ago and I never actually thought I'd wear it but now that I've had it on, I can see me planning some cute little outfits around it.
I've legit had these socks for 4 years, I'm not even exaggerating. that's something really special for me, I only have two pairs of socks that I actually manage to keep together, the rest are all lost to the world of mismatched and odd socks are us. 

I kinda actually wish I'd kept this outfit for a different day, maybe for doing something a little more exciting than just going for lunch with my mum and sister. so annoying that I am not an outfit repeater. no sireeee. I have two days a week I can get myself dressed in my own little style, my own clothes and I sure as hell amn't outfit repeating ok.
we went to this new place that's opened in the centre called ed's diner, and it's just like a 1950's style diner, they had a little jukebox on the table so you could pick your own tunes and obviously I had to have the beach boys on. when I grow up, I wanna be a beach boy.

I've spent pretty much half my day crying at emmerdale and wishing ross and pete would fight over me the way they're fighting over debbie whilst simultaneously wishing I looked just like her. does anyone even know what I'm talking about? am I showing you all how much of a granny I really am?

oooooh and did you guys see my new header??? omg, I'm so in love with it. a lovely girl drew it as a favor for me after she'd already drawn another lovely picture of me. I honestly couldn't believe it when she showed me. her insta is @lululolita and she is a beautiful little fluffy fairy girl.

shirt - armstrongs vintage emporium
skirt - topshop
leather - vintage
socks - urban outfitters
shoes - dr martens

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