Tuesday, 4 August 2015



some kids called me an emo the other day whilst I was wearing this outfit and I was like, duh tell me something I don't know. 

I honestly don't think I've stopped these past few weeks, I'm blooming exhausted. definitely need a holiday or a sick line. I'd given up eyeliner completely over the weekend and today I didn't even bother with mascara either. my boss thought I was straight up ill and one of the guys at work said I looked like a panda who'd lost his eye circles. but in all honestly, I just looked like a little boy. 

I've finally got a little time to myself and I'm curled up in my bed with my little dog watching buffy, willow and tara just got back together and I'm happy crying because yaaaaaay, my girls. spike and anya just got caught too and ew ew yuck stop it get back with xander and you get back with buffy and stop this. I fancy them both so much.

I got so many AMAZING clothes when I was in edinburgh last week, my boyfriend brought me some amazing presents and treated me while we were out too and I also spoiled myself a little bit, I spent money I definitely couldn't afford. but I can't wait to show you guys what I bought, I'll be outfit planning on my next day off when I finally have some time to myself yaaay. 

t - burger and friends
cardigan - h&m sale (only a tenner!!)
skirt - h&m (last summer, my fav skirt of 2014)
boots - dr martens

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