Sunday, 2 August 2015


my laptop had a wobbly and I've been trying to update my blog since thursday to absolutely no avail. I'm gonna go right ahead and jump past the post I had planned and instead, post a little photo diary of my lovely two nights spent in edinburgh with my boyfriend. it was our second anniversary a month ago (3/7/15) but due to work commitments and the fact we live 150 miles apart, we only just got around to seeing each other at the end of last week.

we stayed in a beautiful hotel called the howard, one of the top 25 hotels in the world. 

before we went for dinner on thursday night to the hard rock cafe.

st andrews square has been all dressed up for the festival and it looks so beautiful.

they had little bars set up around the square.

the morning after our first night.

little misery guts after a long day of walking around and shopping.

this was a little polish shop that is shut down and the front stairwell has completely overgrown and it's the nicest thing I've ever seen, I want to live in it.

apologies for the messy hotel room, hopefully I'll actually get a chance to shoot these outfits properly outdoors soon.

 we went to a thai restaurant called chaophraya and I have honestly never ate in such a beautiful restaurant and the food was actually to die for. it's in a glass box on castle street with beautiful views of the castle and city.
I always pick the best places to take him, I'm such a good girlfriend.

it ended up pishing it down with rain on the friday night as soon as we left the restaurant, the bottom of my dress was soaked, he was absolutely drenched too so we went back into jekyl and hyde's to hid.

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