Thursday, 13 August 2015


I got tagged in a 20 things about me insta post the other day so I figured I'd give you 20 facts about myself on this. my first blog post was a little pathetic in the way of introducing myself so why no eh! I have no idea what else to write about so...

1. I used to write a lot, like actual all the time. I've recently started again and I'm really enjoying it. it's always been a dream of mine to write a book.
2. I hate my hair. I never wanted this cut and style to be permanent but I'm too scared to try and do anything with it in case I ruin it. I was modelling for a salon and they cut my beautiful brown and blonde hair and dyed it black and blue. I went home, locked myself in the bathroom and cried until my mum came home. and then she cried with me. wee dog is my best pal, seriously. I love him so much, he brings me so much happiness, awe awe my cutie baby.
4. I always had crushes on the bad guys when I was a kid. like there was something so endearing about scar from the lion king and jafar omg, babe!
5. I'm currently in the process of cutting meat out of my diet. I'm starting slow and just giving up pork and beef at the moment and then in time, I'll also be cutting out chicken too eventually. lamb and duck and such weren't ever really a big part of my diet so I shouldn't find it too hard to avoid those.
6. I started this blog to give me something positive to focus on, since everything else in my life is so shit at the moment.
7. I'm tall for a girl, standing at 5 ft 9 inches, meaning I tower over boys when I wear my heeled boots  on nights out. they're scared of me.
8. I'm a total potterhead, I started quite late though. not until the third film came out on dvd and the main reason that happened was because I crushed so hard on draco malfoy. I was obsessed with him man. I had a picture of him in the back of my school book folder and I'd get all embarrassed and defensive when people would point out who it was and yell "NO IT ISN'T"
9. 2006 was the best year of my life, I was a cute wee emo kid.
10. my cat hates me. which is really disheartening because I was the only one who wanted a cat in the first place. I begged my parents for years and they always said no, my dad even lied about being deathly allergic to them. and now look, the hairy little bastard is devoted to them and they like him more than they like me. :(
11. I think I've probably spent more on shoes than I have on rent. 
12. I'm into vampires.
20. you've probably noticed I missed 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. and 19. but I'm really uninteresting and I can't think of anything else.

shortalls - unif
top - charity shop
boots - dr martens

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