Friday, 21 August 2015


my fringe is honestly pissing me the hell off, I'm trying to grow it out I think, I've still not decided. I don't wanna cut it just yet but honestly, it's so long I could totally  get away without actually doing my eyebrows.

I got this skirt two years ago in a charity shop and I can't remember if I cut it or if it was already cut but it's going to be a constant in my wardrobe for life. there's so many ways to wear. think of chunky black knits and leather jackets in winter and cute little crops and black sandals in summer. 

I've got yet another band tee to add to my ever growing collection. my iron maiden ones are some of my absolute favourites, the art work on them is incredible. my boyfriend bought me this the other week when we were in edinburgh from one of the three armstrongs shops. 

LOOK AT THIS DENIM omg I'm in love, I honestly couldn't even afford it and now I'm eating crackers until payday but it was honestly so worth it. another amazing denim to add to my collection of amazing denim. so much amazing. amazing amazing amazing. 

I got the bound creepers in the sale with an XXXXtra 25% off and I didn't even get a customs charge this time. HOLLA. I think I've spent that much money on customs charges in the past that they've just stopped sending me the bill. I've gave them that much money, I must have some sort of allowance left with them that I haven't tapped into yet. 

it's my dad's birthday today and all he wanted was to spend the day at the pub with his girls. how cute. so that's what we're doing and obviously I got moaned at for my skirt being too short but ya know, I'm gonna wear it anyway. 

tee - vintage
skirt - charity shop 
shoes - unif

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  1. your style is so perfect, I love every outfit! I was so excited when I saw that you're now blogging. Just one little thing, it would be soo much better, when your pictures were bigger...
    but anyway, I'm a huge fan and always excited when I see a new post