Monday, 10 August 2015


I tried posting this last night but all I actually managed to do was sit looking at the blank screen and crying at how cute my cat's skull is, under all his fluffy lovely fur. then I just abandoned mission. even this morning, I don't feel ok. I'm actually just considering going back to bed. this is definitely a delayed hangover, man, I feel awful.

I wore this on friday, for shopping on payday woo, it's now monday and you're actually lucky if I have 15% of the wage I was paid left. I'm currently waiting on deliveries from illamasqua and unif, neither of which will turn up today, bet ye any money.

I bought this dress in 2010, it's one of the few dresses I've never been able to part with even if I have only worn it twice before, it's just always been lying about my room somewhere. I remember I was shopping with my friends and I dragged them around every shop in the centre twice before going back to buy the first dress I'd picked up, they bloody hated me for it. I was a much different person back then, so it's quite nice for me to pull something from that time in my life and incorporate it into my life now.

dress - old topshop
boots - dr martens
jacket - vintage
bag - vintage

fuck facebook

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