Thursday, 27 August 2015


this is just a quick blogpost because I've gotten myself addicted to GOTHAM and it's very important for me to give it my near undivided attention. I finished buffy last week, like I actual raced through the last season, watching three episodes a day (even while I was working, during my breaks). I cried for nearly two hours afterwards, found myself sitting on the floor in work contemplating what I was about to do with my life after it had ended and fruitlessly trying to find another show to become addicted to. I finally found it on monday after and watched nearly nine episodes in one afternoon. UNFORTUNATELY THERE'S ONLY ONE FUCKING SEASON.
my life fucking sucks. although my sister found out that the polish shop in the mall sells cheetos today so I'm currently on my second bag. sweet childhood memories.

anyway, a boring little stripe outfit. a girl can never have enough stripes in her wardrobe and this one was only £7! I actually bought this in a size 18 without trying it on in the hope it'd actually fit me as a dress but I am a lanky shit and no joy. it works just as well with skinnies though.

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top - primark
jeans - topshop
shoes - unif

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