Tuesday, 23 June 2015


heeeeey u guys! check out these jeans, which are two sizes too big for me. waaaah! I got them in an 28" waist because I'd just bought "jeans" from topshop which were also a 28" and I couldn't breathe in them, turns out there's a lot more denim in real jeans and topshop are robbing bastards. 
so, I'm trying to sell these over on my depop so I can buy another pair if you're interested (@mexicandogs).

I've just watched the episode of Buffy were Riley leaves and I can't stop crying. he was so tall. 
and that is really all that's been happening in my life to be fair. I've just been hanging out with the scooby gang and working. so exciting huh.

leather jacket - vintage
bralet - topshop
belt - vintage
knit - unif
jeans - unif
boots - unif

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