Saturday, 13 June 2015


so, this is yesterday's outfit. 90's gothy witchy vibes. children ran away from me in the shopping centre, it was GREAT.
so I ended up spending a shit load of money in topshop, river island (which by the way have 20% off when you spend £30 in store ALL WEEKEND so go there, get down, take your granny, take your third step cousin twice removed, take everyone before it ends), new look and obviously primark (which I ended up going back up to at nighttime with my sister and got loads of cute underwear sets for like £4 and £3, I'm talking supercute bras and pants). I was really disappointed with h&m though, I only seen once dress I liked and even then, I probably wouldn't have even worn it. I put it back, even though it was only £7.99 (I think, maybe £9.99) and went and compensated by paying for £38 for a pair of jeans instead. I know, I am the master of self control.

dress - h&m
sheer cardigan - h&m
bag - vintage kilo store amsterdam
shoes - t.u.k.
wonky lips - maybelline black eyeliner and limecrime salem

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