Sunday, 28 June 2015


soooo, I'm currently on holiday from work for a week and my original weekend plans fell through so my new plan is to fart arse about with this. I'm gonna (try) to post a new outfit every day until next wednesday just to try and get this thing off to a good strong start, that is if I can drag my fat ass outta bed each day, they'll be a day late though so this is actually yesterdays outfit.
I fell asleep out in the sun with my sister last night and my head was absolutely pounding once I got back inside, pretty sure I got burnt as well, as well as ruining my make-up from laughing so much beforehand. and I spent half an hour googling symptoms and I now believe I need a nose job to fix my sinus problems. so yeah, I'm a grumpy little girl to say the least. 
AND THEN this morning, when I was having my shower, I figured I'd shave my legs cause I'm going out tomorrow night and I probably have time to do anything other than a quick-in-n-out job and I got MAJOR razor burn or shave rash or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I was actually in tears in the shower, I've never felt anything like it  IN. MY. LIFE. EVER. 
my hair is dirty in these pictures because I hadn't washed it for a week, I'm a mink I know.

I can't wait to get back tonight after meeting my friend and binge watching it until the early hours. I have missed my big girl crush Poussey way too much. 

dress - charity shop (99pence!!)
bag - vintage kilo shop in amsterdam
boots - dr martens

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