Wednesday, 10 June 2015


so, I've decided to start a wee blog after much deliberation and bouts of anxiety (mostly about being stumbled upon by dog walkers or rowdy teenagers who'll point and laugh at me). however, yesterday went very well, except little slugdog being impatient and constantly trying to run away from me, I think I'll be leaving him at home next time. 
so, there's some lovely woodland areas around my house, it's so overgrown now though, we used to build gangs in these and light fires as kids. I figured I'd try and make the most of the gorgeous scenery over the summer, get some fresh air in my lungs and hopefully make myself a little happier and also give myself a little outlet to express myself.

I guess I should probably tell you a little bit about me as well so; I'm tanya, I hate capital letters unless it's an 'I' and I'm older than I care to admit. I have a slight obession with shoes and nude lips, the latter being my newest favourite thing. I like my dog more than I like most humans and I'm really struggling to find anything else I'mma leave it there.
so, starting out this blog - I was up half the night and spent half of today playing around with it and I'm hopeless. I used to be so good with HTML (waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the myspace days lol) as well, but all that's all fallen out of my tiny little brain now.

tiny tee - h&m
skirt - charity shop (£1.50 ayy)
denim - unif
boots - dr martens
sunglasses - camden market

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