Monday, 15 June 2015


so yesterday was a lazy dressing day for me. I was a little fragile and I didn't really wanna do much at all, so I took a little walk, ran some errands and went out for dinner with my parents. 
I had haggis, tatties and cat puke (it was printed as 'neeps' on the menu but my cat legit puked up the exact same thing the other day). so I was a little disappointed. honestly, livingston has so many places to eat and every single one is garbage. 
I then proceeded to go home and cry at sad dog videos whilst keeping a tight headlock around my own dog at the same time. I also a nervous breakdown on the floor of my room trying to find something to wear today. I'm off to the safari park for a girls day out with my mum, sister and wee granny and I pray to god a tiger attacks our car just so ya'know, I can say I nearly touched one. 


how amazing is the looney tunes artwork at the back of my old primary school? it's been there forever, someone probably painted it waaaaay back in the 80's when my mum was in her teens. it's a total nostalgia piece for me every time I walk past it. 
also, how fitting is the 'is dead' graffiti for me? some guy called Mark L is in some kinda shit like, I wonder what he did wrong to piss someone off.  

shirt - boyfriends
band tee - vintage armstrongs vintage emporium
jeans - topshop (my new ones I blogged about yesterday)
boots - dr martens

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