Tuesday, 16 June 2015


so this was yesterdays outfit and I was fucking freezing. typical scottish weather, says it's going to be 18 degrees when it's actually like minus 90. 
I had a wee help to these pictures and I don't actually know if it made it better or worse than just taking them myself. at least if I don't like the first couple of photos I can can carry on taking the exact same photo for ten minutes until I get one I like best, but with other people, they just wanna keep on moving, don't they?
as I said in my last blog post, I went to the safari park yesterday, it was a little bittersweet, a lot of the animals seemed really happy but others just looked a little sad and lonely. 
I'm kinda on the fence about this whole "animals belong in the wild" thing. I do truly believe that but on the other hand, it's so so dangerous for them out there. you see so many horrifying pictures on the internet these days of disgusting excuses for human beings hunting these poor animals for nothing other than their own sick gratification. 

this wee skirt has been in my life for nearly two years now, it's super cute and  there's so many different ways to wear it and for a wee dark soul like me, it's perfect for any time of the year. 
today is the last day of my holiday and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I'm so sad. this little week off has been so much fun for me, it's been like being on holiday from school. weirdly though, I'm only back one day then on another day off so I'll have another two days of blogging before I really start to space my post out. I'm hoping to blog at least twice a week, on my two days off and maybe a few little features in between if anything cute comes through in the post. 

leather jacket - vintage ebay
top - h&m
skirt - everland clothing
shoes - dr martens

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