Sunday, 14 June 2015


so this was one of two outfits I had on yesterday. my second one was so so beautiful, for when I went out for cocktails and dancing. I really wanna shoot it soon but it's a bit nerve wracking wapping out the biggest heels I own to go shoot an outfit outdoors so it'll probably be a wee while before that hits the blog. I looked like a little angel in drag, ha,
last night was so fun though and I don't even feel that rough today, unlike my sister who was heard cuddling the toilet bowl this morning making some very questionable noises. 
I let out some real pent up dance moves I'd been suppressing, talked make-up with lovely girls in the toilets, met some crazy smoking area friends and harassed the taxi man on the way home before having a mini party in the kitchen with beer I had stolen. amazingly we didn't wake our parents either, which NEVER happens. 
check out my snapchat story if you have me for some very strange videos (mexicandogs) if you wanna. 

dress - h&m
cardigan - vintage, shop tunnel vision
boots - dr martens 
sunglasses - camden market
bag - vintage kilo shop amsterdam

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