Thursday, 18 June 2015


YAAAAAAAAAAAAY my boots are fixed!
so basically, I treated myself to these before christmas and they cost a fucking fortune, and that was before I paid customs and that cost a fucking fortune as well.
fast forward, just over six months later and the left platform had a complete and utter melt down and split and started to come away. half an hour into a day trip in edinburgh. I was super pissed, as you can imagine.
I either had to buy a new pair of shoes, tape them back together or grin and bear it. I tried the second option, SILVER FUCKING DUCT TAPE. it was ridiculous. so fucking ridiculous. so I wapped it off and grinned and beared it for the rest of the day.
thankfully, when I emailed urban outfitters usa, I got a full refund (obviously not on my customs charge though).
so anyway, two months of them lying around my room and my little sad face every time I tripped over them, I've found the cure. HALLELUJAH MAN!
it's called shoe goo and it comes in a huge big massive red tube with a little skull and cross bones at the top. honestly, this is such a wonder product, just in case and of you have any broken shoes you wanna repair, I highly recommend this product, you can actually do so much with it - from repairing torn platforms to waterproofing to split heels. it's the super glue of the shoe world, except you can ALWAYS get the lid off. 
I got mine off ebay, it was £5.99 for a 109.4 ml and it came with free protective gloves and a spatula to spread it, which was actually just one of those tea stirrers you get at snack vans, but you know, I'll take it.

I can't actually remember where I bought this tee from but how amazing is it? it was some independent store on store envy or big cartel or something like that.

duster - UNIF
jeans - topshop
boots - UNIF
bag - vintage kilo store amsterdam

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