Sunday, 28 June 2015


two of my favorite things.
although in typical scottish weather, neither are usually a very good idea. cold winds and warm sun today, I either wanna wear absolutely no clothes or wrap up properly. why is that so hard for the weather decider dude to understand?
I have a love hate relationship with this dress, it's 90% the most perfect lace dress, the pattern, cut, fit, the length and sleeve length are all perfect. the only letdown is that it has a fabric panel around the waist area that held a drawstring inside it (before I tore it out) and holds the upper and lower parts of the dress together. I've tucked that unsightly part into the waistband of my huge big pants here though so you guys  don't have to witness that kind of horror.
also, big pants! yeaaah, these babies by the way! they pull me in at all the right places and they're the comfiest things I've ever wrapped around my butt. 

leather - vintage
dress - pins and needles
boots - dr martens

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